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There are two Legacy Funds to meet the needs and desires of different donors. One fund is for gifts unrestricted in mode of disbursement. Gifts received with restrictions requiring maintenance of principal will go into the other fund. Both funds can contain gifts designated or undesignated for a specific purpose.

Memorial gifts will be managed through these funds as appropriate.

The acceptance of gifts to the Legacy Funds is at the discretion of the Session. All expenditures from the funds are at the direction of the Session and will be consistent with any restrictions given by the donor.

Planned Giving

The Celebrant Foundation's Central Legacy Funds

The Legacy Funds of Celebrant Foundation are created to provide members and others the opportunity to future generations through gifts and bequests. Please scroll down for planned giving information.

Ways by which Gifts Can Be Made.

  • Cash Gifts - The simplest and most immediate form of gift.

  • In Kind Gifts - Gifts of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and similar instruments offering special tax benefits to the donor.

  • Gifts Under Will - As simple as adding one paragraph to a new will or a codicil to your current will.

  • Life Insurance - Name the Foundation as the beneficiary on your insurance policy, and the proceeds will be free of tax upon your death.

  • Charitable Gift Annuities - A way to provide income to yourself and/or others during your lifetime, fol lowed by a gift to the CelebrantFoundation.

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts - Make a gift to the Celebrant Foundation while retaining a regular income to yourself, often at a higherrate than the assets might otherwise earn.

  • Others - This list is not all inclusive. Donors are encouraged to discuss alternate forms of gifts other than the above, and unusual variations of the above with members of the Foundation.

Memorial Gifts.

Throughout our lifetimes we are all touched by individuals and events which add special meaning to our lives. Family, dear friends, co-workers, teachers ...all make our lives better and leave lasting memories. Likewise special events, birthdays, marriages, anniversaries also touch us deeply. Over the years, many have sought to honor these special people or events with Memorial Gifts.

These gifts will be administered through The Celebrant Foundation program. The same guiding principles in regard to acceptance, use, honoring the donor's desire, disbursements, etc. that apply to gifts to The Celebrant Foundations will apply to Memorial Gifts. The Celebrant Foundation Funds will be managed by a Committee staffed by members and others with appropriate expertise.

A member of The Celebrant Foundation will be pleased to meet with you, your financial advisor, and/or your attorney to provide full information and support for making a gift to the Legacy Funds or to discuss specific areas of need.

To learn more, please contact Elisa Chase at 973.746.1792.