Melissa Coe

Life Cycle Celebrant Weddings & Funerals Areas: Portland OR and Vancouver, Washington


I am a full time Life Cycle Celebrant who LOVES traveling the Pacific Northwest and passionate about creating and performing unique, personal and extraordinary ceremonies which everyone will remember long after the day is over. From beginnings to endings, and everything in between, I believe that "Life has its moments, remember them well..." I am married with three daughters, originally from Kentucky, have lived in Oregon for thirty+ years and confess to being a TOTAL "foodie", cook and remodeling addict, a volunteer, member and supporter of green organizations and GLBTQ rights.

Thank you for considering our organization's Certified Celebrants for your Ceremony. If you have any additional questions, please phone us at 973.746.1792.

Elisa Chase
International Director - Celebrant Foundation & Institute