The Wedding Ceremony


   Salli & Hillary




It is one of life’s richest surprises when the accidental meeting of two individuals leads them to proceed together along a common path. It is indeed one of life’s finest experiences when a chance relationship grows into a permanent bond of love. This meeting and this growing are what bring us together today.


The uniting in a marriage of these two friends to establish a new family is an important and memorable event. It brings together two separate families and backgrounds and creates a union that is a sign of hope in the midst of a sometimes intolerant society.


In their love for each other, which they publicly express in this ceremony, Salli and Hillary demonstrate not only their joy in the present but their commitment to share the future together. This is a time of celebration for all of us who know and love them.


Hillary and Salli celebrate their union and express it in there own words.  When asked what do you love about one another? Hillary shares this with us… “We are happiest when we are together and we love and respect each other equally and loved equally - right back.  I love that we can work out difficult situations without holding a grudge or hurting our relationship.  I love that we try to outdo ourselves by doing kind things for each other”. Salli tells us, “I love every aspect of Hill. She's strong, intelligent, independent, motivated to learn, travel, and work hard.  She's very sensuous and always thoughtful”.   How thoughtful? “Well, she brings me cappuccino in bed every morning and lays out my toothbrush with toothpaste each evening. I love it! And, we are still totally enamored with one another for over seven years – and that’s saying something!”
Friendship is oxygen to the soul. And friends they are indeed. There is a lot they just plain “like” about one another, Hillary is happy that they have so much fun together in all they do. They travel well together and they hold the same values and beliefs. And they are both strikingly charming. A loving adventure best describes their life together. Let it be known (if you don’t know already), they are competitive in every sport and game and push each other to be the best (in a good way).  Hillary appreciates that Salli takes pride in their lovely new home in
Massachusetts.  Hillary likes the way that Salli is able to adjust to any situation and have fun with it, whether it be going to a formal dinner or hanging out in a pool bar in Montana. Together they enjoy listening to the Red Sox game on the radio every summer night and watching the Patriots every Sunday in the fall. And, Hillary gets a kick out of Salli making calls into radio talk shows voicing her opinion in a funny way.  These routines they have developed in their relationship are comfortable but never stale.

Together they see a beautiful future ahead: raising a family, traveling the world on a shoe-string, always building something, making their family grow and trying new things and most importantly and so sweetly…growing old together. 


What fills Hillary and Salli with pride and joy for one another? Salli says, with total conviction “I am proud of Hill's work ethic. Proud that she can turn a field of weeds into a beautiful garden.  I’m a fan of her keen intellect, especially her ability to recite many trivial worldly and sporting facts.   Most of all… I’m extremely proud of her as an athlete and a musician, who is incredibly respected by everyone that knows her.”

Hillary’s expresses her joy…“ I'm proud that Salli is such a hard worker and is well respected by her co-workers and other people in the community.  I love that she is so close to her family and that her family is loving and loyal to each other.  Her character and confidence is great enough that she goes out on a limb and gets away with it consistently.  She never backs down from anything she strongly believes in.  I love that she is so patient with her difficult kids at school and has a gift with animals.  And, It means so much to me that she likes and gets along well with my friends and family.”

It is heartwarming to hear what personal gifts they both bring to this their marriage: Hill brings orderliness, practicality and stability to the relationship. As well as her unconditional love. Salli brings her positive outlook, her sense of  adventure that always has her searching for a new mountain for the two of them to climb. And of course, her savvy ability to find ways so they can travel the world - at a bargain.

Many of their values are in harmony with one another.  They value their loyal family and friends - people who have stuck by them through the ups and downs. And, Hillary and Salli strive to be the best at whatever they do – they’re never mediocre at anything! They both believe in the value of hard work and taking long vacations as their joyful reward.


“I love to cook Salli likes to clean” Hillary points out. A prime example of differences that can surely make life agreeable. “Our personalities are very different” Salli tells us, “Hills organized, I’m more outgoing. She loves to care for her flowers.  I love to maintain the lawn and trees.  I like dogs.  She likes cats, but we love animals.” “Yes, we’re not the same”, Hillary states, “We have different styles.  I like that we're different. We're never going to be bored with each other, that's for sure.”  It’s true, their common “goals” are just that, and it’s no surprise, they both have dedicated themselves passionately to playing rugby for the past twelve years (until this past year) their team was one of the best in the country.  


Rugby needs to be paid due homage in this ceremony for without it Hillary and Salli wouldn’t have met. From the start, they had a common passion and desire to play rugby with the best of the best of them, which had them playing for the great Beantown Rugby Club! What a fantastic season they had happily beating their rivals! And then it happened, at a party, the chance romance became a reality. It was true love at first kiss and a wonderful relationship bloomed. It was the magic of  just that kiss that had them fall in love with each other  and what has brought us together to celebrate their wedding today. They took their time and didn't move in with each other for a few years, which gave them the opportunity to mature and grow with each other. “Now”, Salli announces with that sparkle in her Irish eyes, “we can freely state that we want to be together forever.”
Along the ‘getting-to-know-you’ path, they have learned how to give each other space and let each other grow in different directions without growing apart. They have learned to embrace the changes and ‘go with it’. They like who they are with each other and truly hold dear this incredible love that they have for one another. 


Hillary and Salli would like their family and friends to know that it means everything to have all of you at their wedding here today - to share their joy! Salli says it so beautifully, “I wanted to have a ceremony prior to starting a family, and also to confirm to our family and friends that two women can make it…and make it legitimately, at least with all of you whom we love and in our heart of hearts. This means we can have almost all of the things that straight people can have: a house, a marriage, and a family. We're proud that we're making a married life together expressing here today our love and deep devotion - publicly.”


They are honored to have such true family and friends that respect, love and bless this union. Through this their marriage, Hillary and Salli unite all of us together as one in this glorious  - permanent bond of love.







Salli’s brother Rick, who has always been a supporter extraordinaire in Salli’s life in every way, and has (in the past) gifted to Salli a brass ring that symbolizes unity strength and the power of love that she cherishes to this day. Rick would like to share this reading that he has written to express his love for both of you in this your blessed journey of life together…


See for yourself what love is about

You can start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Awaken your senses. Pause and make sure to smell the fragrance of life.

Open your eyes to the rainbow of colors. Tune your ears to the music of nature. Moisten your lips to the taste of wonder, and trace with your fingers, the texture of joy.

Lace your hand in the palm of another and feel the energy of empathy, and the opportunity for revelry.

Love is not judgmental. It has the power to heal and the patience to endure.

Love is a divine gift we all possess. We get richer, not by keeping it to ourselves, but by giving it to others.

“I give my love to you” is the most profound thing one can ever say to the person they choose to spend the rest of their life with.

Only when this is done unconditionally are we truly rewarded with inner peace.

This is the love that enables us to be heroes, inspires us to be selfless, and propels us to be successful.

A parent’s very first gift to their child is love. This is a perpetual love that was given to them by their parent’s and it brings with it a legacy that requires it to be passed on to another.

A child’s love for their parents involves no decision. The decision to love comes with maturity and a longing to give and receive love in order to feel fulfilled. Not until a partnership has been forged and tested, will it warrant these deepest of feelings.

When partners have lived and loved together through many changing years, they will have shared each other’s gladness and wept each other’s tears. They will speak of one love which time can never change.

We speak of this love today as we celebrate the coming together of two people, who in the presence of their friends and family, have chosen to make a commitment. That final step that confirms their belief in themselves and each other; that they were meant to be together forever.

That is what love is about

                                                  Love is about the celebration of life!





An Ancient proverb tells us that people who lack the knowledge of their past are like a tree without roots. So, in the spirit of remembrance we honor our family present and past. We pay tribute to the importance of family. And we celebrate the coming together of these two families.

It is said that through others, we are somebody. Through this marriage, we broaden our family circle, remember our heritage and recall those who gave us life. We honor today - our Parents: Merry and Bob, Beverly and Jerry and Grandfather Chet. They are the foundation of our families - the life spring!

Salli and Hillary would like to have a moment of silent remembrance and reflection for her dear father Fredrick who is much loved and missed, and Hillary and Salli’s grand mothers that have been so influential in their lives and will continue to be so - always. Let us honor the memory of Hillary’s beloved grandmother, Anne Woodruff who passed away  several weeks
ago.  They are with us in light and love. And now, let us observe this moment of silence together as one family.






Now I, Charlotte Eulette, a Civil Ordained Celebrant,

am duly authorized to solemnize this,

your commitment to marriage.


Before you, Hillary and you, Salli,

are joined together in marriage in my presence

and in the presence of these, your family, friends and community,

I am bound, as you know, to remind you publicly

of the solemn, the serious and the nature

of the relationship into which you are now about

to enter.


Marriage, as most of us understand it,

is a voluntary and full commitment

of one person to another,

it is made in the deepest sense

to the exclusion of all others,

and is entered into with the desire,

the hope and the firm intention

that it will last for life.





Hillary and Salli,

Do you come here freely, and without reservation,

to enter a relationship as companions

living together as one, enjoying equality?


Do you promise to love, respect,

assist and look after each other

for the rest of your lives?

Are you prepared to live in harmony,

and jointly strive for the welfare of your family,

and for a just and equal society?


Hillary and Salli:

 We do.





Will the Mothers, Merry and Beverly please come up and hold the bouquets? Thank you.


Celebrant: Hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and repeat after me phrase by phrase…



I Salli, take you Hillary, as my spouse.

I pledge to share my life openly with you,

to speak the truth to you in love.

I promise to honor and tenderly care for you,

to cherish and encourage your own fulfillment

for the rest of my life.



I Hillary, take you Salli, as my spouse.

I pledge to share my life openly with you,

to speak the truth to you in love.

I promise to honor and tenderly care for you,

to cherish and encourage you own fulfillment

for the rest of my life.



And now the duet will be sung by Char and Liz, “Love As High As”.





And now, the couple’s friend Ruthbea, will honor us in the Handfasting Ceremony, an ago old Celtic tradition.



Hillary and Salli repeat after me…


Hillary and Salli:

We swear by peace and love to stand,
heart to heart and hand to hand.
Mark, O Lord, and hear us now
confirming this our Sacred Vow.





Friends and family,

I will ask the Happy Couple and the Six Witnesses: Jodi, Kath, Rick, Alison, Sunni and Bob, (come on up!) to move to the table for the signing of the Wedding Commitment Certificate.


I will ask you all to stay exactly where you are. The ancient Egyptian custom of signing is part of the ceremony ~ and during this time I will also ask you to give your attention to this traditional Gaelic tune “My Lagen Love” performed by Beverly Pugh Corry.


When the signing is completed I will bring them back to this position.





Will Merry and Beverly please be so kind as to hand the bouquets back to their daughters? Thank you.


In a moment we will finish with the Declaration of Marriage but first Hillary and Salli would like me to make this announcement:Immediately after the ceremony please allow the Couple and the Wedding Party to recesses out under the Copper Beach tree where you can express your joy and congratulations to them and the family. You are invited to enjoy the festivities while the family pictures are being taken. Also, please come up and sign this beautiful Wedding Certificate that the couple had designed to include all of their friends and family here today. They will be framing this certificate and it will be a part of their new lives in their new home. Thank you.



And now, Salli and Hillary have declared before all of us that they will live together in marriage. They have made special promises to each other. They have symbolized it by joining hands, taking vows and by signing their wedding certificate.


So, therefore, on your behalf and on the behalf of the community, I introduce to the newly weds…Hillary and Salli!


You may kiss each other!



~ Here Ends the Ceremony and Here Begins a Marriage of Love and Joy ~