The Commitment Ceremony



G r e g  &  C h a d




October 6th, 2003 at il madrein New York City, NewYork


Charlotte Eulette, Celebrant

Celebrant USA Foundation



Friends and family let your presence be welcome and let your hearts be glad on this glorious eve. We’ve come to celebrate the Commitment Ceremony of Greg and
Chad. Please turn off your cell phones and beepers, the ceremony will now begin.

For it is in loving, as well as in being loved, that we become most truly ourselves.  No matter what we do, say, accomplish, or become, it is our capacity to love that ultimately defines us.  In the end, nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we have loved one another

This musing from Daphne Rose Kingma, expresses the real reason that we are all assembled this evening... for two people have found true love and wish to share it with you in this ceremony.

A really happy relationship is founded on LOVE!  Love is, of its nature, unselfish, understanding and kind.  True love is a commitment of heart and a commitment of mind.  There is not a stronger bond to ensure and secure a happy life together.

Greg and
Chad epitomize this ideal completely.  When asked, "What do you love about one another?" Greg, in his own words, shares "I love the supportive and loving relationship that we have created together. It's truly easy it is to be Chad's partner.  Chad is always there for me 100% and for that, I am grateful.  He is always concerned about what I am doing and what is best for us as a couple.  I love Chad's honest nature, his joy of life, and his commitment to our developing a happy and productive life together."  Chad responds this way about Greg. "I love Greg's person at his center... his calm connectedness to himself.  He is authentic in every single way.  I love that I can trust him fully.  I love his vicious sense of humor-it always seems to come out at the right time.  But most of all, for me, I love that being in a relationship with Greg is pure joy.  He makes me feel good in every situation" Chad also says that he values Greg's virtues... namely his generosity and kindness toward others.  "Greg does not get hung up on things or issues... he solves life's problems simply and elegantly. 

Together, they have contemplated their hopes and dreams for the future.  They want to continue to grow and build a stable life together.  In looking forward to their future, they welcome the adventure of growth and challenge... both personally and professionally. They will revel in their achievements and support each other through thick and thin.  Ultimately, they see their commitment to their relationship evolving, growing, deepening, and getting stronger and more beautiful as the years go by.


One goal the couple plans to tackle in the near future is the search for a new home.  Living in a studio apartment, less than 500 square feet in area, while cozy and intimate, can sometimes become a source of frustration... especially when figuring out where to store Christmas gifts!

Chad and Greg are extremely dedicated to their respective careers.  Greg says that "most definitely, Chad's intense passion for his work and his extraordinary graphic design abilities fill me with pride.   He really puts his whole heart and soul into his work.  I feel privileged to be included in his artistic endeavors.  Similarly, Chad says that "I am thrilled when he sees Greg's work on stage because I know how much effort and amazing talent goes into it.  His spirit resonates in all he does."

Together, they share many of the same values in life, which greatly helps in making this once in a lifetime commitment to their relationship today.  On the top of both of their lists, Greg and
Chad share a sense of trust.  Having the solid foundation of trust allows them to grow independently while deepening their relationship as a couple. They do not find materialistic items important and try to surround themselves with supportive friends and family that respect life and love.  Both try to keep an optimistic perspective, which isn't always easy given this city's and the world's turbulent events. Both know that their priority is developing a balanced, happy life together.

Their mantra is...
they both look for quality over value,
both value time over money,
both are willing to work hard for their goals,
both know how to enjoy and share in each other's achievements.
both know how to compromise without feeling compromised.
both have BOTH in mind.

Here is their New York/East Village romantic story on how then met.  Greg and
Chad tell us... "We met on Saturday, May 5th, 2001 here in the East Village.  It was a place and time that neither of us had intended to be, and with people we hadn't planned on spending an evening with.  Both of our plans had changed at the last minute and there we both were... not particularly looking for anyone at all.  It was a chance meeting that could have slipped by in a single second with friends drinking beer on a Saturday night in May.  In the very instant that we made eye contact, we knew that there was something present worth exploring, so we did!  And the rest is history.

This Commitment Ceremony is the culmination of the journey they began on the first night they met.  Greg and
Chad feel that they have already made this commitment to each other only now they are announcing that this promise to one another is… forever.

Under the current law, the
United States of America will not recognize this commitment.  Greg adds, "After we decided to spend the rest of our lives together, we chose to have a commitment ceremony for ourselves... including the people we consider closest to our hearts, even if there were to be no legal benefits from doing so.  Happily, after we had begun planning this very celebration, Canada has allowed gay and lesbians the basic legal right to marry.  Given that Chad is Canadian, We plan to go to Canada soon to make our commitment legal.  This will consequently allow me to obtain dual citizenship that may come in handy just in case George W. Bush gets reelected!”   

Greg and
Chad want you to know how happy they are that you have come here to day to support them in this momentous occasion.  Not all people are so lucky, to be surrounded by a loving and supportive community. The couple extends an ongoing invitation to be a part of their new life together... no matter how near or far you may be.

So once more… in the
East Village, we have this beautiful moment to celebrate the joy of Greg and Chad's heartfelt commitment to each other.  True love reigns supreme!




Greg and Chad invite all of you, who have been so important in their relationship and their individual lives, to pledge your support to their union in the same way as you have supported them before this day and to honor them as two individuals that have now become one.

Please show your support by responding with the words "We Will" after the following vows...

Will everyone present today pledge to support Greg and
Chad as a couple in their marriage rather than individuals?  Will you support them in their new life together, rejoicing in their happiness and sustaining them in their struggles?  Will you participate in Greg and Greg's lives by being open and honest with them ensuring a meaningful, rich, and fulfilling life?

Guests: We Will!




Now I, Charlotte Eulette, a Civil Celebrant,
am duly authorized to solemnize this,
your commitment to marriage.
Union, as most of us understand it,
is a voluntary and full commitment
of one person to another,
it is made in the deepest sense
to the exclusion of all others,
and is entered into with the desire,
the hope and the firm intention
that it will last for life.





Now, I ask Chad & Greg to face each other and join hands...

Greg and
Do you come here feely, and without reservation,
to enter a committed relationship as partners
living together as one?
Do you promise to love, respect,
and support each other for all the years ahead?
Are you devoted to live in harmony,
and jointly strive for life's triumphs and bliss?

Chad & Greg:
We do!



Celebrant to Chad: (repeat after me)


Chad take you Greg as my partner.
I pledge to share my life openly with you,
to speak the truth to you in love.
I promise to honor and thoughtfully care for you,
to cherish and encourage your own fulfillment as an
individual, for the rest of my life.
This commitment is made in love,
kept in faith, lived in hope,
and eternally made new.


Celebrant to Greg: (repeat after me)

I, Greg take you
Chad as my partner.
I pledge to share my life openly with you,
to speak the truth to you in love.
I promise to honor and thoughtfully care for you,
to cherish and encourage your own fulfillment as an
individual, for the rest of my life.
This commitment is made in love,
kept in faith, lived in hope,
and eternally made new.












From the Egyptians came the custom of placing the engagement and wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand.  They believed that from this finger, a 'vein of love' went directly to the heart.  Your silver rings that circle themselves are natural symbols of unending love.

Chad to Greg:
Craig, this ring I give you once again on this day,
it is my personal gift,
my personal promise of love and trust.

Greg to
Chad, this ring I give you once again on this day,
it is my personal gift,
my personal promise of love and trust.



Friends and family,
I will ask the Happy Couple to come up to the table for the signing of the Wedding Commitment Certificate.

Following in the ancient tradition, the signing of the marriage certificate was included as part of the ceremony.  While
Chad and Greg sign, I would like to extend an invitation for all of you sign the certificate as witnesses as soon as the ceremony is complete. 







In a moment we will finish with the Declaration of Marriage, but first Greg and
Chad would like me to make this announcement…

Immediately after the ceremony there will be a few champagne toasts.  Three chosen representatives from Greg and
Chad's family and friends have been asked to toast the couple.  After these toasts... if anyone would like to say anything to or about the couple, the floor will be yours.  At the same time... feel free to mingle and enjoy some soda/wine/or beer and appetizers here in the garden.  Dinner will be served shortly in the dinning room.

In addition...after the ceremony, your are invited to please come up and sign this beautiful Wedding Certificate that the couple had designed to include all of their friends and family here today. Thank you all.



And now, Greg and
Chad have declared before all of us that they will live together as partners devoted to their Commitment. They have made special promises to each other. They have symbolized it by joining hands, taking vows, exchanging rings and by signing their Commitment certificate.

So, therefore, on your behalf and on the behalf of the community, I introduce to the newly weds…Greg & Chad!

You may kiss each other!


~ Here Ends the Ceremony and Here Begins a Life of Love and Joy ~