A Corporate Launch Ceremony




Grande Opening


On the evening of

September 12, 2002

at 6:30 p.m.







Welcome everyone to the Grande Opening Celebration of Her Space. My name is Charlotte Eulette, I am the National Director of the Celebrant Foundation, dedicated to Celebrating the special milestones in life. I am very honored to say that Dr. Beth Deutch is my long time friend. I am, as well as many of us are, so proud of her in so many ways. This amazing healing and technological Women’s Breast center she has created with the support of her loving family – truly defines her crowning achievement. Tonight we celebrate a new era in pioneering and revolutionizing women’s medical care. And now, I would like to read a blessing to my dear and much loved friend Beth…and to “Her Space”…her Heart… and her dreams come true on this her Birthday too.


We give thanks for places of simplicity and peace

Let us find such a place within ourselves.

We give thanks for places of refuge and beauty.

Let us find such a place within ourselves.

We give thanks for places of nature’s truth and freedom, of joy,

inspiration and renewal, places where all people may find acceptance and belonging.

Let us search for these places: in the world, in ourselves and in others.

Let us restore them.

Let us strengthen and protect them and let us create them


May we mend this outer world

according to the truth of our inner life

and may our souls be shaped and nourished by

nature’s eternal wisdom.



It’s an honor to introduce to you - the founder of Her Space, Dr. Beth Deutch.


Dr. Beth Deutch:

Thank you all for being here this evening, a very special evening for me.  HerSpace is the realization of a long-standing professional dream of mine.  It is the culmination of my years of training and practice in breast imaging, in both University academia and  community medicine.  It is the end result of all of the interactions and conversations I have had with women over my 12 years in practice and my resulting understanding of their breast care needs.  What is good for their health, what brings them peace of mind and comfort is all here:  prompt and direct access to experts, the latest technology and a soothing feminine and contemporary space. What infuriates and frustrates them about the breast imaging experience – long waits for access to care, seemingly unnecessary delays in getting resolution to frightening issues, the lack of privacy and personal space—is not here.


I envisioned and created HerSpace to be the safe haven for women who need a prompt appointment, thorough diagnostic workup of a breast problem and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that experts are producing and interpreting the studies.  In our first few weeks in operation, we have already diagnosed several breast cancers in women who came in for their routine yearly studies.  They left the same day having undergone the diagnostic biopsy ( a process that elsewhere often takes weeks).  Eliminating all of those hours, days and weeks of anxiety and distress has been very rewarding for all of us here.


And “all of us here” is really a remarkable team.  Dr. Rose Heller-Savoy brings to HerSpace considerable expertise in all aspects of breast imaging, a very keen eye and commitment to quality patient care.  She and I work together as a team and share a common approach and outlook that few physician colleagues enjoy.  Rose is a tremendous asset to us currently two days a week and will shortly join us full time.  Sue Williams, my breast imaging supervisor and dear friend without whose knowledge, commitment and support I could not have done this, and BJ Thorne each have over 25 years of experience as mammography technologists. We have shared the last nine of them together. Cheryl Cashiell brings tremendous skill, enthusiasm and warmth to HerSpace.  A woman’s breasts could not be in better hands than theirs.  Liz Kelly, my secretary, who spent three months in my carriage house scheduling patients as the build out here proceeded, sitting along side my three year old boy whose playroom she inhabited, sharing cookies and watching choo choo tapes—is like a member of my family.  My newer staff, no less wonderful—includes our ever affable and unflappable receptionist Kissy, file room assistant Liz, cashier Liz and the most enthusiastic, capable office manager any practice could wish for, Lorna Vaughan.  We have known each other briefly but yet share the same vision and goal like long-time colleagues and friends.


This evening is particularly special for me because not only does it symbolically launch this new and exciting form of practice, concretely mark my 42nd birthday, but it also officially ends the long, arduous, nerve-racking and fascinating journey getting here.  I could not have taken the first steps without the tremendous good will and support of many of you here tonight—family, friends, professional colleagues, women in the community.  Many of you shared my vision , saw the same need in our community and believed in me.  We at HerSpace believe that women in New Jersey will benefit tremendously as a result, and I am forever grateful.


Let me now give the floor over to Rose, who needs no further introduction to most of you…..


Dr. Rose Heller- Savoy:

I would like to thank all of you again for joining us tonight.  As many of you know, I moved to Monmouth County about one and half years ago to join Beth in practice. 


Prior to my arrival, I had the opportunity to work in a few different community based groups.  In that time, I learned about the wide range of clinical practice in radiology, particularly in the area of breast imaging. 


More importantly, working with these groups reinforced what I already knew:  Having specialty training in Breast Imaging makes an incredible difference in patient care.  Experience, judgment and good technique are irreplaceable. 


I very quickly realized how important it is for me to be in a professional environment that views breast imaging and intervention as I do. 


As I’m sure you can see, it was a very easy career decision for me to join Beth.  She was someone whom I knew only by her great reputation, and has become not only someone I highly respect but also someone I will continue to learn a great deal from.  Her immeasurable skills and work ethic make her a wonderful mentor and colleague.


This is truly the Breast Imager’s dream position.  HerSpace not only offers me the opportunity to be the practicing breast imager that I have trained and desired to be, but it allows me to take care of patients in a way that I would have never believed possible in so many different ways. 


For instance, I cannot describe how satisfying it is for me both professionally and emotionally to be able to see a woman for her routine or diagnostic mammogram and to be able to perform her necessary biopsy within the same visit.  The patient’s appreciation is beyond words. 


HerSpace is truly medicine at its best. I am proud to be part of the team.





Both Dr. Beth Deutch and her partner Dr. Rose Heller Savoy… share the same pan-ultimate goals and aspirations for HerSpace. That are dedicated to be able to meet the needs of woman in the larger community by becoming a digital information hub where

Mammograms are transmitted to HerSpace for expert interpretation from remote sites, where such expertise is not available. They hope to foster a happy work environment for their staff, in which they can function optimally and provide stability to the business. And in their heart of hearts they wish to earn the loyalty of their patients who will want to return year after year for their breast care.


On this long arduous and inspiring, journey that has led us all to celebrate together today, Beth and Rose are deeply thankful that they have received an abundance of good will and support from many of their patients, referring physicians, professionals in numerous other fields, and especially their loving family and friends. Those here tonight are a physical reminder of this support for all of us at HerSpace and for the type of service we hope to bring to this community. They would not have been able to accomplish this so far or continue in the development of HerSpace without all of your support and kindness.


As we continue with this evenings festivities; the toast, the cake cutting and the ribbon ceremony, Beth and Rose and the entire HerSpace staff would like this to resonate  with each of  you  when you think of HerSpace - tomorrow and in the future. Here are people that have made a strong personal commitment and investment to this practice, and have forged a new philosophy in the betterment of personal healthcare for woman, their families and their communities. We congratulated all of you! You are part of this grand event, marking this milestone, the grand opening of an innovative and successful practice in your journey through life.







   Toast By Beth:

We toast to new things and to glorious change.

To change ourselves and to change our world.

To know the need for it.

To deal with the pain of it.

To feel the joy of it.

To undertake the journey without

   understanding the destination.

 The art of gentle revolution.


 We toast to HerSpace!





(Cake with HerSpace Logo Design)







And now we will officially open HerSpace with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Viva HerSpace!



“Here ends a Ceremony and here begins a wonderful future ahead for HerSpace”