Faculty - Randy Keats

Randy Keats
TEACHES: Fundamentals of Celebrancy

Randy Keats is a Wedding & Life-Cycle Celebrant based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His experience with ceremony spans 3 continents, 3 decades, and crosses cultures, languages and spiritual traditions.

Randy likes to break the chains of custom, stir the status quo, and co-create customized ceremonies which touch, move and inspire. A performer, singer, speaker and master of ceremonies, career-transition counsellor, high school French teacher, facilitator, coach, activist, communication officer, public legal education facilitator, president, ... these hats I've worn over time have all led me here to you to share my enthusiasm for helping people to understand and express change in their personal lives through ceremony. Currently Randy dabbles in tarot and crystals unless Pedro, his forty-year-old Amazon parrot insists on occupying a hand.

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