Faculty - Emily King

Emily King
TEACHES: Fundamentals of Celebrancy

In a life with many chapters, I have been an actor, singer, writer, editor, director, and it all contributed to being a Life-Cycle Celebrant. My work life seems to have evolved in decades: acting from leads on tour or regional theater, to walk-ons on Broadway, London's West End and Covent Garden. Editing booklets for the recording industry for RCA Victor and Sony. Last decade, school secretary in the NYC Public School System. In the 10 years I was actively marrying folks as a Celebrant, I performed about 200 weddings in all locations from the beach to hospital deathbeds, from Jamaica to Minneapolis to LA. 90% of them were in the NYC area, and I have bilingual ceremonies to share in German, French and Spanish, and created others in which family members did readings in Mandarin, Italian, Russian and Dutch. Sometimes families adopted me, so a wedding led to a sibling's wedding, or a funeral or a baby naming. We've created ceremonies that included elements from Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and Native American beliefs. It's been a lot of work and a lot of fun.

I retired except for friends' ceremonies when my mom died 5 years ago. We had been caring for her, and it seemed like a good time to be able to travel with our teenage son, and not plan ceremonies a year in advance. I also had some unpredictable health issues residual from my cancer treatment. (I was lucky enough to do my Celebrancy training in person with Charlotte and Cindy in Montclair; it was a chilly winter and my chemo-cueball required two hats!) Now our son Charles is in college, and my health has not been an issue for a few years, I felt like it was time to return to the community. I feel much more comfortable doing memorials and family ceremonies than I did in the early days. But still, there is nothing like a great wedding. I so look forward as a Celebrant teacher to share my knowledge and heart with new Celebrant students.

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