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Course Schedule

Celebrant Foundation & Institute's (CF&I) Course Schedule

Listed below are the CF&I course schedules for your consideration and review.

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To become a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, students must complete two courses:

1. Fundamentals of Celebrancy - A required "foundation" course

2. One Certificate Course - Students choose their major from three certificate courses currently offered:

  • Wedding Celebrancy
  • Funeral Celebrancy
  • Ceremonies Across the Life-Cycle
  • Healings and Transitions
  • LGBTQ Life-Cycle Ceremonies
  • Celebrant Business Development Course
  • Master Life-Cycle Celebrant

Double Majors: Students may take two certificate courses simultaneously with approval of the Academic Director and payment of additional tuition for the second course. If you don't wish to double major, you may return in subsequent terms to take additional certificate courses.

Course Schedule. The Celebrant Institute runs its core course, Fundamentals of Celebrancy, three times a year. Certificate courses are offered three times a year each year as well.

Fundamentals of Celebrancy

Fundamentals of Celebrancy covers all the elements required to create effective ceremony, no matter which specialty course you'll be taking. Week by week, we'll cover Celebrant philosophy and history, ceremonial structure, rites of passage theory, symbolism, storytelling, ceremonial public speaking, and introductory client relations. You can find more details about the course here.

Celebrancy Course Dates:

Winter Term: begins first week of February each year

Fall Term: begins last week of September each year

Summer Term: begins second week of June each year

Certificate Life-Cycle Celebrant® Courses

Once you complete Fundamentals of Celebrancy, you may register for your specialty course in the certificate program of your choice: Wedding Celebrancy, Funeral Celebrancy, and Ceremonies Across the Life-Cycle which includes ceremonies for families & children. The course content for these specialties is listed in the pamphlet below. These courses are taught through a combination of real-time weekly web conferencing classes, message board discussion, practical exercises, and course-long assignments, including writing an original ceremony.


Thank you for your interest in Celebrancy!