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Certified Life Cycle Courses of Study

All students are required to take the following prerequisite course:

Fundamentals of Celebrancy

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute offers six certificate tracks:

1 - Wedding Celebrancy

2 - Funeral Celebrancy

3 - Ceremonies Across the Life-Cycle

4 - LGBTQ Life-Cycle Celebrant Workshop (an advanced course for alumni with one year's experience)

5 – Healings and Transition (an advanced course for alumni with one year's experience)

6 – Master Life Cycle Celebrant (an advanced course for alumni with three certifications and three year's experience)

7 - Celebrant Business Development Course (an advanced course for alumni with one year's experience)

Course overview:

Students are immersed in the study of ritual theory, ceremonial structure, symbolism, storytelling for ceremony, and in the history of rituals and traditions around the world, the choreography and management of ceremonies, client relations and marketing, and ceremonial public speaking.

Students will read from authors who provide the foundation for the study of ritual, mythology, weddings, funerals, and rituals for the life-cycle, including such texts as The Rites of Passage by Arnold van Gennep, Deeply into the Bone by Ronald Grimes, The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell, Rites of Passage: Celebrating Life's Changes by Kathleen Wall & Gary Ferguson, The Art of Ritual by Renee Beck & Sydney Barbara Metrick, The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Nissinen, Joining Hands and Hearts by Susanna Macomb, Sacred Dying by Megory Anderson, and Remembering Well by Sarah York.

*Wedding Celebrants are required become legally authorized to solemnize marriages in their state or province of residence. This may require independent ordination and/or government approval. The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is not an ordaining body. Please contact us for more information about this important requirement if you have questions.

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute's Innovative Online Learning Program

Classes are taught in an innovative online program in small groups via real-time Web Conferencing, supplemented by a multimedia online classroom and secure small section message board forums.

All students will have access to our multimedia online classrooms and, once classes begin, the online Celebrant library, which feature sample ceremonies of all types, sample contracts and client interview questions, and more. The classrooms contain your homework assignments and readings, and the curriculum is delivered by text, podcast, videocast, slideshows, and webinar presentations.