Become A Wedding Officiant

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us"
~Joseph Campbell

Welcome to the Celebrant Institute!

Start a new career at The Celebrant Institute & Foundation. We offer lively, enriching, educational programs taught via our state-of-the-art, live, real-time, online distance learning teacher-to-student, Web-based classes.

With our distance learning education Classes we offer courses that are taught by our highly trained and seasoned Celebrant teachers, and each class ensures a top quality, intimate and deep learning experience for all students.

With our in-depth and comprehensive course of studies The Celebrant Institute teaches you the important aspect of how to become a wedding officiant.

Our gold-standard course of studies will teach and train you through our live on-line training and have you graduate as a professional Wedding Celebrant.

As a Wedding Celebrant you'll join our family of Celebrants from around the world who reap the joys of this heartwarming and money-making profession in their new vocation as Certified Celebrants and Wedding officiants.

Certified Wedding Celebrants are people in our communities who are trained by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute to officiate at, compose and perform the highest quality personalized wedding, commitment and coupling ceremonies for couples. Each state/province and country has their own individual laws about who can legally officiated at marriages, students must abide by the laws of their region that would allows them to officiate legally at marriages.

Celebrant Foundation & Institute is a non-profit, international, educational organization and the one of the first world-class rite-of-passage institutes of its kind. It's students are thoroughly educated and trained by means of our highly developed courses that implements the most progressive On line learning, distance learning education for their online classes taught by professional Celebrant faculty for them to graduate and become Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants in their communities.

Our top notch curriculum for rite-of-passage and coming-of -age ceremonies steeps students in the art of celebration, symbolism and tradition to offer personalized ceremonies that mark the milestones in people's lives and to reflect the needs, beliefs and values of the couple, individual, organization or family.

It is the Celebrant Foundation & Institute's mission to serve and embrace people from all walks of life by offering a gold-standard study program that educates and trains people to become professional, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants with expertise in ceremony and ritual.

With our On line learning Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants graduate and start their own independent professional Celebrant practice to offer their services to individuals, organizations and communities the opportunity to express themselves authentically via a customized ceremony that pays homage to their significant, womb-to-tomb lifetime events.

Once Certified Celebrants graduate from the Celebrant Foundation & Institute through our On line learning they are invited to become a part of our international Celebrant Association family. Our foundation is dedicated to nurturing and supporting each of our ever-growing Celebrant family members as individuals and

By the way, the more years and ceremonies Life-Cycle Certified Celebrants have under their belts, the more in demand they are in their beloved communities. Getting older in this profession is a big plus!

Our curriculum taught by vastly knowledgeable, professional, seasoned teachers instruct you how to market your skills via social media and other cutting-edge marketing techniques that will enhance your Celebrant practice as a successful entrepreneur.

We hope our Institute Piques your interest and you would like to join us and study to become a Certified Life-Cycle CelebrantTM in your community.

We invite you to visit the Institute page on our site for more details, or call us at: 973.746.1792.

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Charlotte Eulette, Co-Founder & Director

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