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"One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters
the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life,
and dedicate ourselves to, that."
~Joseph Campbell

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to training Celebrants worldwide and promoting the use of ceremony to mark the milestones and transitions in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and organizations. Celebrants are professional officiants who create personalized ceremonies to meet their clients needs.

What is a Celebrant?

Celebrants are trained professionals who believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to serve basic needs of society and the individual. The Celebrant's mission is to help the client create a ceremony that reflects his or her beliefs, philosophy of life, and personality. The Celebrant comes to the table with no agenda; no preconceived notion of what the ceremony should or must look like. Instead, through careful interviewing, the Celebrant elicits what is meaningful for each client

Life-Cycle Celebrants come from all walks of life and a college degree is not a prerequisite. We're looking for highly motivated students who have an interest in ceremony and ritual, public speaking experience, excellent writing abilities, organizational skills, basic computer skills, and a love of the arts and working with people. Foreign languages are a plus. Above all, the Celebrant candidate must be committed to the Celebrant philosophy: Creating personalized ceremonies for people of all beliefs and value systems.

USA Today (divorce ceremonies); The New York Times (the wedding Celebrancy profession and ceremonies), and The Utne Reader (lifelong learning). For more press coverage, visit Visit us here

Below you will find details on the upcoming calendar year, including the program schedule, an overview of course content, a description of our innovative online learning program, computer requirements, tuition information, and application requirements. Please contact me by phone or email if you would like further information or are interested in applying to the Celebrant Foundation & Institute's programs in Celebrancy Studies. We look forward to taking this life-changing journey together.

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