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Celebrants serve a basic need in today's society, and the interest in the Celebrant Foundation & Institute and our graduates demonstrates this. Please visit our website's Press Room to listen to the National Public Radio (NPR) feature segment about our organization that ran in December 2003: Press coverage

We've also been featured in The Wall Street Journal (downsizing ceremonies); USA Today (divorce ceremonies); CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather (the Celebrancy profession); New Jersey public television (store launching ceremony), The New York Times (the wedding Celebrancy profession and ceremonies), The Utne Reader (Lifelong Learning), BBC Radio Europe and the US and CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric.

At our site, you will find details on the upcoming 2009-2010 academic year, including the program schedule, course content, tuition information and application requirements. Please contact me by phone or email if you would like further information or are interested in applying to the Celebrant Foundation & Institute's programs in Celebrancy Studies.

Our Celebrants will guide you and assist you in paying homage to your life's achievements, your wonderful times, and the meaningful relationships of your life, as well as to the most difficult passages you have endured.

Our Web site is designed to help you learn more about us and the ceremonies we offer. It will furnish you with materials and resources, answer questions, and help you with your choice of ceremony and Celebrant. And, if you're interested and so inspired, we invite you to join us, and become a Life-Cycle Celebrant in your community.

There are thousands of Celebrants throughout the world, of all ages and from all walks of life, who have embraced this most personally fulfilling vocation.

The Celebrant Foundation and Institute movement begins here at our headquarters in New Jersey. Learn more by calling us at: (973) 746-1792

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CBS TV Interview 2009

Graduation 2009 Part 1

Graduation 2009 Part 2

Bonnie Cushing, Collective Wisdom Conf

Soldier Ceremony

ABC Conference

Cindy Machett, Collective Wisdom Conf

NBC News Segment

Central Park Wedding NYC

Unique PowerPoint Wedding

Divorce Ceremony New Jersey

Same-Sex Wedding

Downsizing Ceremony

J. Lane Divorce Ceremony

Funeral Workshop

Graduation 2006

Jack Cuffari, Mens Ritual Speaker Part 1

Adam and Howard, Mens Ritual Speakers Part 2

Wedding in the Woods Part 1

Wedding in the Woods Part 2

Waltzing Wedding

Rachel's Memorial Ceremony

K. Bentz AZ Home Funerals

Stephen Kiesling, Graduation 2010

Shauna Kanter 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Toni Hassett 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Jane Hughes 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Gerry Fierst 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Charlotte Eulette 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Celia Milton 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Elisabeth Coffey, 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Cynthia Reed 2010 Collective Wisdom Conf

Graduation 2010 Part 1

Steve Kiesling 2010 Part 2

Valerie Smith 2010 Part 3

Graduation 2010 Slideshow

Collective Wisdom 2010 Kim Kirkley

Graduation 2010 Valerie Smith